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be free

2010-10-05 19:45:24 by wasa123

kds on the 20's learned that to do something they must work, that love its something sacred, that a mile its a mile and its never gonna be shorter. but the ones that today are 20 learned to live on a world with television and microwaves and washing mashines and fast food and pop-music and videogames where you can go round the world in 3 minutes and come back

this, somehow, scares me. not because of the fact of the ones living now, but for the ones to come.

where is gonna be the deligth to catch a 5 pound fish if that fish is also sold at a store and where is going to be the satisfaccion of making a go-kart with wood, where is going to go that lemonade for 5 cents and where is going to go the true, pure love.

i only ask you guys to take consience that you may do everything posible on the world to make this a better place, but if you dont pass the word, this world its gonna be as shittiest as it can be, because others will not move a finger for you.

take someone's supermarkets bags to they're home and ask nothing for it
bring someone to work in your car and get pay'd with a nice chat
eat natural stuff, the ones arround you will be happy as they see you healthy
play some music, make some music
take someone to the park and say nothing as you walk
sit next to a homeless and ask how was his day
walk to the store instead of just taking the bus
tell him/her you love him/her with all your heart

there is nothing to be afraid of but the future, but if its going to be here anyways, then let it give it's best blow so you can awnser with twice the power

be free


2010-08-20 21:18:03 by wasa123